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Fuji Blossom Girls BJJ Gi - Blue

Fuji "Blossom" Girls BJJ Gi - Blue

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  • Shorter arm length
  • Tapered sleeves and pants
  • Smaller waistline
  • Light green contrast stitching and trim
  • Approved for IBJJF competition
  • Includes free white belt

This kimono is fitted specially for female Jiu Jitsu players, featuring slightly shortened arms, a smaller waistline, and tapered sleeves/pants. Overall, these adjustments make for a significantly improved fit for female practitioners of all shapes, whether competiting or day to day rolling. Gone are the days of trying to fit into a Gi designed for a man!

Made of 100% cotton and approved by the IBJJF, this Gi is sure to blow away any other women's Gi out there.

Fuji Fuji Fuji "Blossom" Girls BJJ Gi - Blue
Adrienne Image Top 10
Adrienne - Joined 5/31/2015

Pants run extra long but its no problem for a little kid. Beautiful, well-made gi. All the interior seams are taped. The fabric is single weave. As usual, the included white belt is small. Ive found that true for all gis I've purchased so far:)

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Fuji "Blossom" Girls BJJ Gi - Blue

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