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Do or Die ProComp Supreme IBJJF Shorts
Do or Die

Do or Die "ProComp Supreme" IBJJF Shorts

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  • IBJJF approved
  • Lightweight performance blend (85% polyester, 15% spandex)
  • Silver metallic thread embroideries
  • Reflective black-on-black Hyperfly logo
  • Two-way closure
  • Internal drawstring
  • Hidden internal mouthguard pocket
  • 0.5mm neoprene waistband
  • Above-the-knee cut

Slick black nogi gear by DOorDIE. These shorts illustrate that just because you abide by the IBJJF all-black regulations doesn't mean you have to make boring shorts!

With black-on-black HYPERFLY branding and subtle embroidery accents, these shorts have that high-end look. . . accompanied by a hefty list of premium construction specs. The tailored cut consists of a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric body with a 0.5mm compressed neoprene waistband. This dual-layer ultra-wide waist design is incredibly comfortable and secure. With a two-way micro-velcro closure and internal drawstring, these shorts are firmly held in place. Includes a hidden internal mouthguard folded pocket.

Do or Die Do or Die Do or Die "ProComp Supreme" IBJJF Shorts
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Do or Die "ProComp Supreme" IBJJF Shorts

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Do or Die
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