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Aesthetic Aurora IV BJJ Gi

Aesthetic "Aurora IV" BJJ Gi

$179.99 $179.99

This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Soft and sturdy 425 GSM Hybrid Weave
  • Pre-shrunk fabrics
  • Ripstop & EVA foam collar
  • Scratch-free taping design
  • Improved drawstring
  • 6 drawstring loops

Aesthetic's Aurora is back with a brand new look! The 4th edition looks better than ever, featuring white fabrics with beautiful gold trim. In typical Aesthetic fashion, there is an asymmetrical stitching pattern on the jacket. While there aren't any huge logos or loud graphics, this kimono still manages to look unique and classy.

Specs include a 425 GSM Hybrid Weave jacket with a ripstop covered EVA foam collar. Inside, the cuffs are taped with a double-woven lining that won't scratch or irritate your skin.

The Aurora has been Aesthetic's most popular BJJ Gi thus far, with Gi fanatics picking up a round of blue, white, and even navy. Well, feast your eyes upon the 4th iteration, featuring a handsome colorway of white and gold.

Like previous editions of this model, the Aurora IV jacket is a very light 425 GSM hybrid weave with a EVA foam collar wrapped in durable ripstop. The interior cuffs and skirt have custom taping with double-woven cotton on either side (in order to prevent scratches from the taping's edges). Of course, Aesthetic again uses their signature asymmetrical stitching pattern.

An improved drawstring is used for the pants, made from a stretchy round cord with no knot at the end (just a sealed edge). You've got 6 loops to ensure the pants stay in place securely, with subtle splashes of that gold in the form of tasteful Kanji embroideries.

Ripstop competition pants.

Aesthetic Aesthetic Aesthetic "Aurora IV" BJJ Gi
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Aesthetic "Aurora IV" BJJ Gi

This product is not currently available for purchase.
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