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93 Brand Hooks 20 Gi Jacket
93 Brand

93 Brand "Hooks 2.0" Gi Jacket

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  • 425 GSM High Tech Pearl Weave
  • Subtle contrast stitching in selected areas
  • Wider and thicker EVA foam collar
  • Soft cotton seam taping

If you're looking to replace an older worn out jacket or simply want a backup Gi top, you can't go wrong with 93 Brand. From their popular Hooks 2.0 Gi line, this is an ultra reliable High Tech weave top that weighs in at 425 GSM. The classic white cotton has just one embroidery and very modest contrast trim, so even if you're pairing this top with a non-Hooks set of pants, it'll still get the job done. Featuring triple-stitched sleeve cuffs (with cotton seam taping) and quadruple-stitched jacket hem.

The Hooks 2.0 introduced 93 Brand's new and improved collar. Like most modern Gis, it has EVA Foam at the core, but this collar is bigger and tougher than virtually all BJJ Gis on the market. 93 has added a 7th row of stitching as well as increasing both the width and the thickness. Your opponents can say give a fond farewell to easy collar/lapel grips...

93 Brand 93 Brand 93 Brand "Hooks 2.0" Gi Jacket
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93 Brand "Hooks 2.0" Gi Jacket

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93 Brand

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