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93 Brand Standard Issue BJJ Gi - Green
93 Brand

93 Brand "Standard Issue" BJJ Gi - Green

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  • EVA foam collar
  • 425 GSM High Tech Pearl weave jacket
  • 10 oz. twill pants
  • Round cord drawstring with multiple loops
  • Full-length knee reinforcements
  • Solid cotton seam taping

Every once in a while, a Jiu Jitsu company releases a "standard" or "basic" kimono. Well, 93 Brand is rewriting the book on standard Gis, issuing a high-quality kimono with absolutely no patches or tags or embroideries on the exterior. No manufacturer's label at the bottom of the lapel or little logo hit on the thigh, it's a truly plain and modest Gi. 93 is able to keep the price low due to this lack of flashiness, and instead invest that money into premium fabrics and ample reinforcements.

Featuring a 425 GSM High Tech Pearl weave and 10 oz twill pants, both heavily reinforced and triple-stitched at high-stress points. The Standard Issue has all the perks and advantages of a finely made modern kimono, such as multiple drawstring loops, thick cord drawstring, and full-length knee reinforcements.

93 Brand 93 Brand 93 Brand "Standard Issue" BJJ Gi - Green
Antigone Image Top 10
Antigone - Joined 5/23/2019

This gi actually looks darker in the pictures than in real life. It's definitely an olive green and fades nicely (not too much) with time. The gi is still going strong after about a year of being in rotation. I'm 5'7.5", 155lbs, and got an A2. After some initial shrinking, both the gi and pants have shrunk enough for a custom fit. If I wanted a tighter/shorter fit, I would also try the A1. Good materials at reasonable price.

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93 Brand "Standard Issue" BJJ Gi - Green

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