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Heavenly Wristlock Rash Guard by Meerkatsu

"Heavenly Wristlock" Rash Guard by Meerkatsu

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  • Fully sublimated illustrations by Meerkatsu
  • Comfortable compression fit
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Medium weight polyester/elastane fabric

Wristlocks are sometimes neglected in modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but do not underestimate their power! As you can see from Meerkatsu's Heavenly Wristlock illustration, a single wristlock can bring an imposing Japanese demon to his knees in pain. All artwork is fully sublimated for long-lasting, rich colors that will never fade or peel over time.

Built from a strong blended fabric (85% poly, 15% elastane) that protects your skin from unnecessary abrasions and provides your muscles with reliable compression support. Red contrast stitching with a flatlock pattern prevents skin irritation and helps cut down on potential frayed threads. Compression fit with generous torso length.

Meerkatsu "Heavenly Wristlock" Rash Guard by Meerkatsu
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"Heavenly Wristlock" Rash Guard by Meerkatsu

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