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Tatami Protective Knee Sleeve

Tatami Protective Knee Sleeve

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  • Standard knee sleeve
  • Suitable for grappling, striking, conditioning
  • Durable stretch fabric

Tatami's compression knee sleeve helps keep your knees safe from bumps and bruises while also supporting the joint during strenuous exercises. I think it's safe to say that submission grappling, wrestling, and Jiu Jiuts/Judo all constitute "strenuous exercise," wouldn't you say? Keep those knees protected, because you only get one pair your whole life!

Whether you're nursing an existing knee injury or looking to prevent bruises and strains, it's always good to have reliable knee support on hand. Tatami's sleeves are constructed from sturdy stretch fabric that compresses your knee joint steadily. The design is breathable and flexible, so you can go all out with your drilling and/or sparring, without worrying about skin irritation or constant adjustments.

Sold as a single sleeve.

Tatami Tatami Protective Knee Sleeve Tatami Protective Knee Sleeve
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Tatami Protective Knee Sleeve

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