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Meerkatsu Heavenly Kimono BJJ Gi White

Meerkatsu "Heavenly Kimono" BJJ Gi (White)

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  • 475 GSM Pearl weave jacket
  • 10 oz ripstop cotton pants
  • Woven seam taping along crucial interior seams
  • High-quality embroideries
  • Sublimated interior panel with intricate artwork
  • Unique placement for interior manufacturer labels
  • Slightly tapered sleeves
  • Multiple drawstring loops
  • Round cord drawstring
  • Comfortable knee reinforcements

It's no secret that you must do research in order to create a superior product. Well, what if that research comes in the form of studying, critiquing, and collaborating on the product in question... year after year? That's the extend of quality you'll be looking at when you pick up the white Heavenly Kimono, designed and assembled to the standards of renowned BJJ designer, connoisseur, and perfectionist: Meerkatsu.

The Heavenly Kimono strikes a great balance, using breathable yet durable fabrics and a visually pleasing mixture of colorful woven patches and sharp embroideries. This Gi is one that you must add to the collection.

The pearl weave fabric is 100% preshrunk, lined on the inside with a woven graphic taping to prevent fraying and add a splash of color along the inner trim. Nobody likes scratchy edges on the inside of their Gi, so Meerkatsu made sure each taping piece has both edges folded over securely. Slightly tapered sleeves and an all-around modern fit make the Heavenly Kimono versatile enough for day-to-day training or competition use.

Meerkatsu Meerkatsu Meerkatsu "Heavenly Kimono" BJJ Gi (White)
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Meerkatsu "Heavenly Kimono" BJJ Gi (White)

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